Program Development

As an educator for 33 years, I have been involved in many initiatives associated with programdevelopment in my school, district and as a consultant. I was involved in developing our Computer-aided drafting program when AutoCad came out with version 1.4 running on a Z100. At that time we purchased only one station for $6000. From those beginnings I developed the program into a full class of 20 computers and a sequenced curriculum over several years. Since moving into administration I have facilitated and implemented a program beginning with drafting essentials using conventional tools through 3D parametric modeling with mechanical and architectural courses included.

Technology Education program development with which I have been directly involved include:

In addition to these Technology Education programs, I have coordinated the design and implementation of a district's technology Plan and the resulting technology infrastructure implementation into 27 buildings. Along with this, I initiated the plans and first couple of years of professional development associated with this project, worked with the grant writer to file USF funding requests as well as worked with design and construction personnel in the process of it's implementation over four years.