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  • 4-H Rockets Away - The Rockets Away educational program teaches about the science of rocketry through the use of hands-on experiments, computer software and the building and launching of 2-liter bottle rockets. http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~rockets/



  • 4-H Science of Flight - Learn about the principles of flight and why planes fly the way they do with our Science of Flight page. This page provides hands-on experiments to help youth learn about this fascinating subject.  http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~flight/


  • Web Wings - Teachers are invited to log on to the Web sites and use them freely in their classrooms. There is no charge for using the sites but developers ask that teachers take time to respond by clicking on the feedback button so the AMA and the Indiana Academy's outreach office can keep tabs on the benefits of the program's use in the classroom. http://www.bsu.edu/web/academy/webwings/



  • Water Rocket Fun - This (Free) program can help students and rocketeers understand the physics of water rockets and how to optimize their water rocket launches to obtain the highest apogees. The interface is designed to be easy to use and understand. But don't be fooled by the program's simple layout, few if any of the other simulators you may find are as accurate. Under the hood this program is pretty sophisticated and thorough. The methodology includes both incompressible and compressible fluid mechanics along with a fair amount of thermodynamics and numerical methods to provide accurate water rocket apogee predictions. Check out the excellent correlation between simulation and sophisticated high speed digital camera results. http://www.seeds2lrn.com/rocketSoftware.html



  • Civil Air Patrol (Educator programs and membership) – CAP has programs to help you teach ordinary subjects in an extraordinary way, no matter what grade you teach. CAP has a special Aerospace Education Membership program just for teachers. With CAP’s free curricula and classroom materials, you can introduce the wonders of space and aviation into many different subject areas. Our hands-on exercises and national standards-based materials and textbooks will hold the interest of your hard-to-motivate students, and take your achievers to even higher levels. http://www.cap.gov/visitors/quick_info/for_teachers.cfm


  • The James Dyson Foundation and Education Education is an important focus for the James Dyson Foundation. James Dyson is particularly passionate about Design and Technology - a subject which challenges the young people of the UK to be creative, by using their hands and brains to create things that work. The Foundation supports educational projects by means of bursaries and awards, such as awards to the Royal College of Art's Industrial Design Engineering students. However the Foundation's support extends beyond monetary support: design engineers from Dyson host workshops at schools and universities throughout the country and the Foundation provides free resources to Design and Technology teachers throughout the UK.
  • “Science, Engineering and Technology are vitally important to the future of the country and world” Look at the things that are changing the world today and you will see manufactured products with new technology, engineering and design. We need to challenge the assumption that careers in industry and manufacturing are dull. Using your hands and brains to solve problems is an enormous creative challenge. This understanding should begin at school. We need to direct our talent from secondary and higher education into the core task of putting research and technology back into making products that the world wants.
  • Education Box The James Dyson Foundation wants to encourage young people to see design and technology as a creative, exciting subject that is full of potential. The Education Box is a free loan service for Design and Technology teachers and lecturers to use in school or at college.
  • Dyson Teacher Pack Dyson wants to encourage young people to see design and technology as a creative, exciting subject that is full of potential.
  • Cardboard modeling is an important part of the design process. It is an inexpensive and quick way to test out and modify a design. Cardboard models are not just used to develop how a design looks; they can develop a design's functionality. The Build Your Own Cyclone kit enables you to make your own functional cardboard cyclone which you can connect to a vacuum cleaner to demonstrate the principle of centrifugal force.